12. May 2016

Lanakila Story

Lanakila Signature Cap

mission #lanakilastyle

We want YOU to shine, look amazing and unique at your favorite sport triathlon! Only if you feel great, you can do great things!


The idea started to grow as we, triathletes ourselves, felt that there was really no satisfying flattering triathlon gear in Germany and Europe that simply could make you stand out of an ironman crowd. We were no longer willing to accept that (as well as the apparent fact that every product seems to be produced in Asia)  and we are here to change that market for the brighter!


LANAKILA is a brand focusing and committing on the sport of triathlon and its courageous athletes; offering nothing but highest levels in quality, design and functionality.

A team of triathletes is working on the product development, product testing and design. Every piece is proudly and precisely handcrafted in Germany with heart.

We only use finest Italian fabrics and print with supreme ink technologies to ensure you buy the best product available.

With your purchase you not only support your own style and performance, but also regional companies, and due to short transportation distances, our dear environment, too!

By the way: LANAKILA is a hawaiian word meaning “victory//the one who defeats himself”

We love that meaning for our brand and more than that, we hope its an super positive affirmation for everybody who wears our products in daily life and training: Defeat yourself every day! And never stop to #chaseyourdreams.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for all the support & love!

Your Lanakilasies

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